Lifehouse - Hurricane (snippet)

Recap : Q&A on Reddit
26 May. 2015

Recap : Q&A on Reddit

Lifehouse answered a few questions on Reddit.

Your song “Hanging By A Moment” was the first song my wife and I danced to after our wedding ceremony. Can you clarify the story behind this song?
This song was actually written in 10 minutes and didn’t really think about what I was writing at the time. But what’s cool is that fans then are able to have their own personal connection to the song for various reasons. – Jason

Didn’t one of you get electrocuted?
Bryce once peed on an electric fence.

Any reason(s) why you went independent?
We spent the last 15 years working with major labels and though they were helpful in establishing our career, we felt the change to be conducive to the current state of the music industry and we wanted to put out an album with complete creative control. Our new album title is fitting ;-)

My question is for Jason: Are there any songs that you have performed live that make you really emotional? if so, which ones, and why?
Probably “Broken” as i can really feel the connection with the fans when performing.

You guys are regulars on the festival circuit, so which bands were the most exciting for you to meet? Who’s the funnest to hang out with?
Coldplay and Elbow hands down!


‘Out Of The Wasteland’ out now !
26 May. 2015

‘Out Of The Wasteland’ out now !

Today’s the day! Lifehouse‘s seventh studio album, ‘Out Of The Wasteland‘, is out!
Check your local iTunes, Play Store, Amazon… and order it now!

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Win your ticket to see Lifehouse in Paris
18 May. 2015

Win your ticket to see Lifehouse in Paris


Lifehouse​ will be playing in Paris at Théâtre Les Etoiles on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The show is sold out but Lifehouse Network is offering you your ticket.

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Le 26 septembre prochain, Lifehouse donnera un concert à Paris au Théâtre Les Etoiles. Le show est complet mais Lifehouse Network vous offre votre place.

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New song : ‘Yesterday’s Son’
13 May. 2015

New song : ‘Yesterday’s Son’

Lifehouse new record ‘Out Of The Wasteland’ will be released in 13 days (May 26).

But Jason, Ricky and Bryce are spoiling their fans with a new song, ‘Yesterday’s Son‘.

You can watch an acoustic in-studio performance below :

Billboard also published an article about the band being on a hiatus for a year and a half and becoming independent.

The album, due out May 26, emerged after a two-year hiatus that frontman Jason Wade tells Billboard “was kind of paramount for us.” During that time he started working on songs for what he expected to be a solo outing, but he wound up deciding otherwise.

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